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PS Security Guard Services

With over 35 years of experience in private security, law enforcement, assets protection, and corrections, Founder and CEO of PS Security Services, Doug Belton understands better than most what an important and critical decision your choice of a physical security provider is. A good choice means you get to sleep well at night and you do not worry about what’s going on at your business. A bad choice of physical security providers and you rarely ever get a good night’s sleep, and you dread coming to work in the morning. We want to be your partner doing what we do best so that you can do what you do best. Our officers are selected with your peace of mind at the very core of our hiring decision. We will not hire people just to fill a shift, we only hire the very best because you deserve the very best.

PS Security Services is a brand new provider of unarmed physical security services. Our mission is to build a solid reputation among our clients as the best provider of physical security services, and among our employees as the best company to work for. Our services model is based upon a commitment to accessible, responsible, and accountable management practices.

The ideal client for PS Security Services is looking for a security service provider who:

  • Is excited about protecting the people and assets of their clients
  • Responds quickly to their needs with solutions rather than excuses
  • Hires professional security professionals who are passionate about what they do
  • Ensures that the people who wear their uniform look like quality, competent, professionals

How PS Security Guard Services is Different

Our People

For the most part security companies tend to employ the same guards and put them into a different uniform. PS Security Services does not hire guards, we hire qualified individuals who desire to become security professionals; we train and develop these people into security officers. PS Security Services hires people who are either currently enrolled in a law enforcement or criminal justice program, or those who are former law enforcement, military, or corrections officers. Once hired, in addition to all state mandated background processes and training, our employees receive additional training in communication, report writing, legal issues, and other important topics.

Our Uniform and Grooming Policies

Our security officers adhere to strict grooming standards including guidelines for male facial hair, hair coloring, body piercing, and tattoos. Each security officer working 8 – 16 hours per week is issued two complete uniforms, each security officer working over 16 hours per week is issued three complete uniforms. Our security officers are compensated for keeping their uniforms clean and pressed and for keeping their uniform foot ware polished to a shine. Each security officer will be inspected by someone from PS Security management at least once per week to ensure that all grooming and uniform appearance polices are adhered to. A copy of the inspection report is forwarded to the client for their inspection

Our Uniforms

PS Security issues top quality Blauer Uniforms. Although Blauer costs us more the quality is well worth it. The same Blauer quality shirts, pants, and jackets, worn by police officers are worn by our security officers. In addition, our officers are required to wear uniform belts and foot wear so that we can ensure they always look their best.

Our Quality Assurance Program

Before beginning any service PS Security Services will sit down with the client and go over agreed upon standards for quality service and expectations. This agreement includes the frequency of visits from PS Security Management with the client, expectations security officer performance, and how any concerns will be handled. Throughout the contract period we will meet with the client regularly to review how well PS Security is meeting your expectations according to mutually agreed upon standards.

Our Employee Accountability Program

Security officers are issued an employee handbook when they go through employee orientation. During orientation employees are given standards they are expected to meet including adherence to uniform and grooming policies, principals and practices of customer service, interaction with client employees and the public, knowledge of post orders, familiarization with the site, PS Security policies, and pertinent client policies. During site inspections employees will be quizzed on post orders and policies, their uniform and grooming will be observed, and their interaction with the public when appropriate will be observed. This site will be documented and forwarded to the client for their review.

Our Employee Compensation and Benefit Plan

Although hourly wage rates will vary depending upon the site an officer is assigned to, our business model is built on PS Security Officers earning an average of $1.00 per hour more than security officers working in similar situations. We accomplish this by crowding our margins enough to attract and retain quality, dedicated, employees, who will stay with PS Security Services and our clients for the long run. We understand that employee turnover is a problem for us and in some cases more so for our clients.

PS Security Officers receive the following benefits:

  • Tuitiion Reimbursement for Employees

    Tuition Reimbursement

    Tuition Reimbursement – PS Security Officers are eligible for tuition reimbursement after six months of successful service. Because we recruit our talent from those who are either currently enrolled in a criminal justice or law enforcement program, we want to encourage our officers toward success in their careers with a tuition reimbursement program.

  • Profit Sharing for Employees

    Profit Sharing

    Profit Sharing – PS Security Officers who serve 25 or more hours per week are eligible for profit sharing hiring after one year of successful service. This is our way of showing appreciation for those security officers who stick with our team and work hard to make PS Security one of the leaders in the industry.

  • Uniforms Provided

    Uniforms Provided

    PS Security Officers are provided with a sharp uniform including pants, shirts, jackets, and other necessary gear. Because we value a sharp appearance, our security officers are compensated for keeping their uniforms looking good.

  • Direct Deposit for Employees

    Direct Deposit

    Each of our security officers is immediately eligible for direct deposit.

  • Security Training


    PS Security Officers receive 20 hours per year of excellent training ind advanced report writing, case law for public safety professionals, active shooter analysis, CPR/AED/First Aid, and many other relevant topics.

We create amazing experiences for our clients.