Batman the Super Security Guard

Am I still Batman?

by Doug Belton on March 4, 2016

What is it about a superhero that brings out the very best in everyone? I watched my two youngest grandsons at Christmas time racing through the house slicing through the air with lightsabers and hammers; testing their powers one against the other. My two grandsons squared off against each other to determine which one will rule the universe and in so doing they took their first steps toward becoming real life heroes who will someday protect their homes, communities, and maybe even their country. The idea that with a multi-colored cape and the perfect implement of destruction they too can become superheroes gives them more than just hope, it forges character and offers courage beyond measure. Courage is the root of encouragement, and that is the concept I wish to explore in this article.

In that simple response my grandbaby became my new hero. Think about it, what he said is that even when a superhero drops the ball, he is still a superhero. No one ever stopped calling Spiderman, Spiderman just because he fell off the building. Spiderman just gets back up and keeps on being Spiderman. No one ever stopped calling Superman, Superman just because Lex Luther slipped some Kryptonite into his lunch box and for a moment he was weakened. Superman just flings the lunchbox into the ocean and then goes on to kick Lex Luther’s butt. My grandson may have had an accident but that accident did not define him, he is still Batman. Because of his courage, I find myself encouraged and I offer that encouragement to you.

Over 35 years ago I put on my first security guard uniform. That uniform might as well have been a superhero costume complete with a flowing cape. I puffed out my chest and assumed all the rights and responsibilities of protecting the client’s property because that was my job and no one could do it as well as I could. Over the years I have worn the uniform of a corrections officer, a police officer, and a security officer, and each time I have done so with pride and courage. There have been many bumps in the road where I let myself down and I knew I could have done better but no one can take away my identity. Being a security guard is not glamorous or sexy, and they only make security guard movies about goofballs like Paul Blart, However, security guards are often the unsung heroes who notice the fire hazard that never becomes a raging inferno due to their quick observations. Security guards are the ones who tip off law enforcement about the guy who just doesn’t look right, and the cops arrive in time to keep the bad guy from going on a shooting rampage. I love being a leader in this profession because I know that along with the men and women who work with me I help to keep America safe, one client at a time. Yes, security guards are a sort of superhero. So in the words of my grandson let me summarize by saying this; “Well, I’m still Batman.”